Low-Cost Propane Service

Heating your home is easy and affordable with energy-efficient, clean-burning propane. R.M. Wilkinson Oil & Propane, Inc. offers a convenient propane service for homeowners. We install underground propane tanks to heat homes throughout Carson, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.


Choose Propane for Your Heating Needs

Millions worldwide use propane to make their lives more comfortable. Propane is an environmentally friendly choice. Propane burns cleaner, works harder, and operates smarter.
Choosing propane means reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, and protecting the environment. Propane is recognized as green energy because its exhaust creates 60% to 70% less smog-producing hydrocarbons than gasoline.

Trust propane for your tractors and forklifts. Studies show that tractors fueled by propane have lower major overhaul costs than gasoline-powered tractors and sometimes longer-lasting engine life.

Contact us to have one of our experienced technicians install a propane tank in your home
so you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of quality propane.